Amazon Alexa

What is Alexa and how does it work? It’s a question we often get asked!

October 11, 2019 No Comments

Well! Amazon Alexa is a multi-talented digital assistant that answers questions and performs all sorts of tasks. The basics of Amazon’s voice assistant are simple – you ask questions, give commands and receive responses. But there is a surprising amount of depth to its capabilities.

The popularity of Amazon Alexa speakers is causing a lot of people to turn curious to ask, “What can Alexa actually do?”

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is getting into your home, your vacations and even your ride to work. Most people use their Amazon smart speakers to listen to stream music, radio stations, set reminders & alarms and control smart home devices, including smart lights, plugs, appliances and more. Alexa can also get you directions, track your calendar, order products off of Amazon, find local restaurants, read books and answer your questions by grasping information off of Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha. It is a very versatile and intelligent assistant.

Potentially, Alexa can do so much that you’ll want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of this personal assistant.

Things Amazon voice assistance-Alexa can do

  • Play radio stations
  • Stream music from Spotify, Apple Music and more
  • Set timers and alarms
  • Get tailored news reports
  • Ask web-based questions
  • Control smart home devices with your voice
  • Clump together smart home devices to work together using single commands
  • Make calls to contacts’ cell phones
  • Intercom between Echo speakers in your home
  • Play games
  • Play flute/piano meditation, Christmas Radio Live, Nursery Rhymes, and more.

And, there are always new features adding all the time.

One of the biggest concerns for the use of voice assistants among non-users is the big trust factor. The individual’s awareness of voice devices and assistants is nascent, in terms of all the technology that exists and the capabilities that are already in place. Yet, there’s no denying that voice is the future. The voice technology will continue to steer and shift consumer behavior, and companies need to prepare and adapt accordingly. Search, advertising, commerce, and content, are being impacted industry-wide as the end-user transforms the way they interact with brands as the result of voice technology. Consumers are talking, and you must listen.

Moreover, the voice assistant companies take your privacy seriously. The voice assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home only become active when they hear their wake-word; “Alexa”, “Hey Google”, respectively. These devices are not recording your conversations. They are made to assist you, to help you with your daily routines, to make you stand out both at home as well as at work, and they are getting better every day.

Today, in this fast-paced world, we wonder when we see or hear about someone, who still uses telegrams or letters to communicate instead of using technology-enabled messengers. Similarly, one day in the future, when you see someone at work typing on their computer keyword or phone, you would wonder why they are still using this slow and old- fashioned way of interacting. And, the day will come soon!

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