You decide WHAT, We crack HOW!

These services are in reference to some of the best voice-controlled smart speakers we work with i.e. Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Proof of concept

Vocaidapps helps client’s Innovation Department to discover the range of possibilities in creating applications within voice integration technology, and ultimately determine whether pursuing patents in the speech recognition market was a worthwhile investment. POC is a contemporary method of evaluating project’s functionality flow to determine how it is operable and optimized with the live environment.


Interested in Voice, but not sure where to start? We will work with you to identify where and how to build a solution designed to deliver on a business need with measurable impact. You explain to us your business and its flow, we will devise a strategy through which voice application can find its place in that flow ultimately benefiting the productivity and profitability of the business.


We can deliver end-to-end prototypes to explore project feasibility, gain usability feedback and demonstrate the value of a technology prior to investing in a fully developed solution. If the idea is big and before investing your resources fully into it, you want to test the feasibility of the idea and how it would play out in the actual scenario then prototyping is the way to go.


Enhance the power of voice application by integrating it with various chatbots. We develop different types of chatbots like support chatbots, skills chatbots, assistant chatbots. Different types of chatbots can be implemented in a number of technologies for varied outcomes. Like we can implement it in facebook where for example it can answer a wide range of FAQ-type questions or in skype, slack etc. We can implement them in IOT(Internet of Things) where if we connect them with smart devices then, on voice commands like “Turn on my living room lights,” it can perform those activities.

Web/Backend Development

If you already have a skill and you want to enhance its functionalities by making it more dynamic, then you might be in the need of a backend web admin panel, from where you can control and manage the settings, review analytics, change the commands and outcomes within the outlined scope. So that the voice application is always lively and keeps changing as per your demands and requirements within the scope. We make web admin panels in the most latest technologies like Laravel, Codeigniter, Cakephp, Angular etc. in the database technologies like MongoDB, MySQL etc.

Mobile App Integration

The voice applications (skills, actions etc.) can be connected and integrated with the mobile applications to further enhance their utility. If you have a voice app and an existing mobile app then we can find the possibilities where the functionality could be improved by integrating both of them and can integrate it. If you have a mobile app only and want to create a voice app related to it and then integrate them both then we are there for you. On the other hand, If you have a voice app only and want to develop a mobile app related to it then we can develop the mobile app too which can support your voice app. And If you don’t have any of them, again we are there for you.