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Voice technology serves not just as a good assistant for your personal needs but for the needs of an enterprise as well. Augmenting human talent, enhancing consumer personalization, optimizing productivity, there are many benefits that enterprises would not want to miss out on.

“Alexa, open doors to the future !”

From Smart homes to Smartphones, applications of this voice enabled innovative technology are being seen everywhere! Businesses and brands are now experiencing a shift of touch points transforming into listening points. Businesses are using voice technology for countless reasons like e-commerce, appointments, payments, scheduling meetings, consultations.

Want to know how this technology would fit into your business model or why it should be a point of consideration for you?

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Industries that are witnessing the impact of voice technology

Voice technology has come a long way, from accent comprehension and speech recognition to many opportunities for deeper integration and personalization in the coming years.

Industry solutions


Collecting patient details, creating and maintaining e-records in an effective way.


Learners can get access to the lessons quickly on simple voice commands.


Booking journey through voice commands, checking train, flight statuses.

Banking and Finance

Obtaining transaction histories, making payments, checking account balances.

Customer Services

Providing help and support to customers through digital voice assistants.

Entertainment Industry

Integrating database of millions of songs and streaming internet radio.